About Olson Saw


Olson manufactures a wide range of band and scroll saw blades, band saw and power scroll saw accessories, handheld saw frames and blades – such as coping and mini hack saws.

Band Saw Blades include: All-Pro PGT, MVP, Flex Back, Bi-Metal, Hard Edge, Hard Back and Wood Band.

Olson’s Scroll Saw Blades for power and hand held scroll saws include: plain end, pin end, 5-inch, 3-inch hobby blades, NEW 4-inch blades (to fit Dremel®’s new Moto Saw™), Skip, Reverse, Double, Spiral, Crown Tooth, Thick Wood, Mach Speed, PGT (Precision Ground Tooth) and ScrollSanders. View or download Olson’s Band and Scroll Saw Blade Catalog (2MB).

On this site you’ll also find Zona Tools, known for high quality razor saws for woodworkers, model builders, craftspeople, and do-it-yourselfers, also includes: metal and plastic miter boxes, sanding tools, pin vises, tweezers, pliers and other hand tools; saw frames and blades; clamps and more. View or download the Zona Tool Catalog (1MB).

Olson Saw and Zona Tool are Blackstone Industries, LLC brands.