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Jewelry is Still Made by Hand

Many of you are probably wondering about the craftsmanship that goes into making jewelry. It is not an easy craft,  but it is often a fun, and rewarding one. As many things are made nowadays by machine, there are definitely customers out there that admire and prefer work done by hand. That’s why at Zona tools, we have a variety of jewelry saws – to give jewelers tools like specialty saws that deliver precise, accurate cuts each time.

As beautiful as jewelry is today, some customers feel that it has lost an element of craftsmanship. Many pieces of jewelry are being mass produced, rather than handcrafted. As it is difficult to find true artisan-made jewelry, customers often find jewelers they love and respect and gravitate to their style. For those who make jewelry for themselves or others, our jewelry saws have been honed for decades to deliver the right results. From the article by, it states, “The consumer demand for original, limited editions items is not going to slow down; making handmade items key for any retail assortment. Handmade is the new “add on” or “upsell” in for stores big or small.”

35-750Jewelry making can be a fun activity, and with the right tools – it can make the process much easier. Using substandard jewelry tools and saws can often result in tools breaking or even the jewelry itself breaking. Professionals have shown a distinct preference for Tools by Zona that never skimp on quality; it pays off when you use well-designed tools.

Since handmade jewelry is often made from high quality materials, it is sought after by many consumers over factory made jewelry. Consumers want sustainable materials, and want to know that their jewelry was from ethical sources. Quoting an interesting statistic by, it states, “Etsy reported 21.3 percent growth in merchandise sales year over year for 2015 and 35.4 percent revenue growth.” The company has predicted double-digit growth for three years after. At Zona Tools, we feel that the quality of our jewelers saws will directly translate into the beauty of their finished products, whatever the final form it takes. Quality should never be skimped on when making jewelry, to ensure consumers have a intricately-designed piece every time, and jewelers trust Zona Tools with their most precious cuts.

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3 Things Razor Saws Make Look Easy

Zona Tools specializes in saws and hobby tools that make everyday projects much easier. Allow your creativity to thrive from our selection of sanding and shaping tools to zona razor saws and miter boxes. With all tools made in our Connecticut factory, we are ensuring the quality and standards with all of our saws and hand tools.


  1. Cutting Small Parts – You can cut any small part out of wood with ease. With its big handle, it is safer due to more accurate cuts. The precise blade makes smooth edges in the material you’re cutting This is the perfect tool for anyone in the woodworking industry, or just for any DIY project.
  2. Cutting Through Plastic – The fine cut teeth can cut through many materials including plastic. The cut always comes out clean, and keeps each side of the plastic need. It allows for smooth cuts every time, and for accurate results. The strong back of the razor is able to achieve straight cuts without difficulty.
  3. Cutting Through Metal – The razor blade can handle cutting through soft metals, being useful for construction, DIY projects, or for model builders. The blade is able to last a long time, and is easy to maintain. Being made in the USA, we stand behind our quality, to ensure you the best cuts each and every time.


Razor saws make everyday jobs much easier, from household to onsite construction projects. If you are looking for a compact material with a lot of strength, then the Zona Tools razor saws are for you. With accurate cuts and minimal cleanup, these fine-tooth saws will allow you to handle handle projects hassle-free.