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Scroll Saw Conversion Kit AC49610


This kit converts most 16in. scroll saws to accept both plain end and pin end blades! Easy to Install. An instructional video and list of 16in. scroll saws that will fit are listed below.
Contains all hardware and tools needed for installation. View or print Olson’s Conversion Kit Instructions.


There is a greater choice of plain end scroll saw blades – more tooth styles and narrower blades available. People with scroll saws made to use pin end blades can use these ‘more advanced’ blades if they install the Olson Scroll Saw Conversion Kit.  This kit converts most 16in. scroll saws to accept both plain end blades. The kit can also convert saws made for plain end blades so that they can use pin end blades – although this is less common. In 2020 the kit was improved, the instructions were revised and we made a video to get the word out. The kit contains all hardware and hex wrenches needed for installation.

View or print Olson’s Conversion Kit Instructions.

View or print Olson’s Conversion Kit Parts List.

Designed for use on these 16in. scroll saws:
Sears Models 23611 & 23612;
Ryobi Model SC 160:
Dremel Models 1671 & 1695:
Skill Model 3330-3335;
Central Machinery Models S 5909, 62519, 93012;
Northern Hydraulics Model SS16;
AMT Models 4601 & 4602;
Reliant Models DD66 & DD67;
HAFCO B-18V; Einhell TH-405E;
Proxxon Micromot DSH-2;
Record SS-16V;
Shop Fox W1713-16;
Scheppach Models SD1600, 240VS,
Deco 405, 88002123;
Rikon Model 10-600VS; G
Grizzly Go536 VS-16”;
Wen 3920-3921.



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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 7.75 × 2 × 1 in