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  • Skip Tooth Scroll Saw Blades 5″ long


    144 same spec blades per pack. 5-in. Skip tooth blades are available in a range from the finest 40000 (#3/0) size to the 410DZ for coarser sawing of thicker materials. For hand or machine sawing of wood, plastic, and fibrous materials. Skip tooth blades cut fast, provide good chip clearance, and smooth finishes. Chart has more info.

    For Cutting Metal Skip Tooth Scroll Saw Blades may out- perform metal cutting or jewelers piercing scroll saw blades in cutting metal. Any Skip Tooth blade up through a Universal No. 5 will cut metal but Universal No. 3/0 to Univ. No. 2 is preferred for inside cuts and marquetry panels. Skip Tooth blades can cut cold rolled steel, copper, brass, aluminum sheet and bronze. Soft metal up to 1/8in. thick can be cut easily, whether a single sheet of stock or several thinner sheets in a stack.