Mini Hack Saw blades can cut wood, plastic, and metal. The saws are compact for easy portability and storage in tool box, glove compartment, etc.

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  • Safety Kit



    due to respirator all other products are available eparately

    Excellent group of products to help stay safe while using both hand and power tools.
    Includes items from 3M and safety glasses:

    • A-6102 Roll of Vetrap tape – Protects fingers during close work with sharp instruments. Self-adhering tape is easy to apply and requires no pins, clips or adhesive to secure it. Tape won’t loosen over time and stays in place until removed. Re-positionable, doesn’t stick to hair or skin, only to itself. 2″ wide x 15‘ long.
    • A-6103 3M Soft Foam Ear Plugs (3-Pack) -Made of hypo-allergenic materials and have a tapered cone shape for a good fit and comfort. Plastic cord prevents tangling.
    • A-6106 3M Particulate Respirators (3-Pack) – fit a wide range of face sizes. A three-panel respirator with low profile design folds flat has Cool FlowTM Exhalation Valve for work in heat and humidity. Comfortable, lightweight and convenient.
    • A-SG3 Safety Glasses Clear polycarbonate glasses with contemporary style and unitary lens design. Temples are length adjustable with slotted ends. Comes with neck cord.
  • Mini & Jr. Hack Saw Frames and Blades

    35-650 Junior Hack Saw with Tension Screw


    This saw has a blade tensioning end screw for easy blade installation and control. Cut wood, plastic, and metal. Compact for easy portability and storage in tool box, glove compartment, etc. Comfortable handle, sturdy, rigid frame. 2-3/8in. depth of cut. Uses Mini Hack Saw blades.

  • Junior Hack Saw with Plastic Grip

    Junior Hack Saw with Plastic Grip


    Junior Hack Saw with Plastic Grip is a must for any tool box. This well balanced, handy saw has a black steel frame with plastic grip handle for easy cutting. Supplied with 32 tpi blade and uses Mini Hack Saw Blades.

  • 35-600 Zona Mini Hack Saw

    35-600 Zona Mini Hack Saw


    Inexpensive yet handy saw with sturdy steel frame and finger guard for cutting metal. 9-1/2″ overall length. Comes with 6″ long, 32 TPI blade.

  • Mini Hack Saw Blades 3-packs

    Mini Hack Saw Blades 3-packs


    3 per package Mini Hack Saw blades 5-3/4in. long between pins. .250in. wide x .015in. thick. Available in 2 different TPIs (Teeth per Inch): MH63602BL is 15 TPI and is for cutting hard or soft wood. MH63603BL is 32 TPI and is for cutting metal or plastic with a medium smooth finish.

  • 35-260 Wide Slot Miter Box

    35-260 Wide Slot Miter Box


    Wide Slot Miter Box may be used with any Zona Razor Saw or with junior/mini hack saws for cutting square ends, perfect splices and mitered corners. It has slots to cut 45 and 90 degree angles. Cutting Depth: 3/4″, Cutting Width: 1-3/4″, and overall length is 5-1/2″. The ‘wide’ slot is .031″ wide (compared to Zona’s much narrower 37-240 Thin Slot Miter Box — .014″ and 35-250 Mini Miter Box — .012″.

  • Saw Blade Lubricant Stick

    Saw Blade Lubricant Stick AC70010


    8″ long x 1″ diameter. Prolongs blade life and produces smoother and quicker cuts. Specially compounded to keep metal, plastic, and wood cutting blades from clogging with wood chips or pitch. Use on all power and hand held cutting tools including band, scroll, circular, hack and jewelers saw blades. View or download SDS/MSDS sheet on this product.