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Spiral scroll saw blades only come in plain end and flat end.

Please take a look at our instructions here – VIEW

Contact Customer Service at 1-800-272-2885. Please have your order number and contact information the order was created under. 

Please check your saw owner’s manual or with the saw manufacturer.

You can also take the old blade and measure it with a tape measure. Or you can use a string to measure the length by mounting it in your saw after it has been unplugged from the power outlet. Or use this formula: (R1x 3.1416) + R2 x 3/1416) + (2 x C) = Length 

R1 = the radius of the top wheel 

R2 = the radius of the bottom wheel 

C = the distance between the center of the top wheel and the bottom wheel. 

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You can check our reference guide or contact your saw manufacturer. 




Please reach out to your band saw manufacturer for assistance.