All Pro® PGT Premium Band Saw Blades

Precision Ground Tooth, hardened razor sharp teeth for maximum penetration! Hook style tooth provides excellent chip evacuation and uniform tooth set to cut faster with precision yielding a superior surface finish. Recipient of a Woodworkers Journal Readers’ Choice Award in 2015
• •Band saw blades for professional users.
• •Unique carbon-rich steel optimum balance between strength and flexibility
• •Superior hardened and tempered material stronger, faster cutting blade performance
• •Computer-controlled raker tooth setting straighter, precise cuts with less waste.

Hook Tooth for thick wood, plastic, plywood, and composition material with a more aggressive feed. Perfect for re-sawing. Sizes: 1/4″ x .025 x 6 Hook, 3/8″ x .025 x 4 Hook, 1/2″ x .025 x 3 Hook, 5/8″ x 025 x 3 Hook, 3/4″ x .032 x 3 Hook, 1″ x .035 x 2 Hook
Regular Tooth (standard) Usually fine, equally spaced teeth in narrow bands for wood, plastic and nonferrous metals. Sizes: 1/8″ x .025 x 14 Regular, 3/16″ x .025 x 10 Regular

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