Precision Ground Tooth, hardened razor sharp teeth for maximum penetration! Hook style tooth provides excellent chip evacuation and uniform tooth set to cut faster with precision yielding a superior surface finish. Recipient of a Woodworkers Journal Readers’ Choice Award in 2015
• Band saw blades for professional users.
• Unique carbon-rich steel optimum balance between strength and flexibility
• Superior hardened and tempered material stronger, faster cutting blade performance
• Computer-controlled raker tooth setting straighter, precise cuts with less waste.

Hook Tooth for thick wood, plastic, plywood, and composition material with a more aggressive feed. Perfect for re-sawing. Sizes: 1/4″ x .025 x 6 Hook, 3/8″ x .025 x 4 Hook, 1/2″ x .025 x 3 Hook, 5/8″ x 025 x 3 Hook, 3/4″ x .032 x 3 Hook, 1″ x .035 x 2 Hook
Regular Tooth (standard) Usually fine, equally spaced teeth in narrow bands for wood, plastic and nonferrous metals. Sizes: 1/8″ x .025 x 14 Regular, 3/16″ x .025 x 10 Regular

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