These papers with super flexible non-woven backings are excellent for polishing softer materials such as acrylic, polyurethane, solid surface composites, fiberglass, aluminum, precious metals and wood with finished surfaces — whether flat and contoured. For best results: work in sequence from the coarsest to the finest grade. Use with or without water. Papers can be cut into strips for use on Zona’s Sanding Sticks, or taped using 37-959 Super Bond Film Tape and made into a band for use on Finger Sanders. View or print a color chart with specs and info. Six micron grades (Green-30 micron / Gray-15 micron / Light Blue-9 micron / Pink-3 micron / Aqua-2 micron / White/1 micron) from 30 (coarsest) to 1 (finest) microns in packs of 10 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheets per grade. A 6-sheet assortment pack is available with one of each grade (37-948). CD/DVD repair • Metal & alloy finishing • Finishing jewelry & precious metals • Finishing plastic, polyurethane, wood, & solid surface composites • Removes scratches and restores transparency to acrylic & polycarbonate windows on buses, aircraft & trains • Precision micron grading makes a uniform, consistent finish. • Shortens hand-sanding & buffing time. • Reduces finishing steps — saves time. • Use wet or dry. • Color-coded micron grading for easy selection. MADE IN USA View or download the SDS/MSDS sheet on Wet/Dry Micron Graded Papers .

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  • Sandpaper Holders, choice of round or square


    Foredom’s Sandpaper Holders are made of lightweight aluminum with plastic coated handles. Choose from round or square shape to hold sanding paper, cloth, or other abrasive paper. 3M Micron Graded Wet/Dry Polishing Papers cut into smaller sheets work well (for fine polishing on smooth surfaces).
    Ideal for sanding, filing and polishing small or concave workpieces. Hinged at the end, each can hold abrasive sheets that are 1-1/2″ x 3-3/4″. After opening the hinge, wrap the sheet around the stick, tuck the ends inside and close the hinge to hold the abrasive surface in place.

    Select from Product Options for round or square contour:

  • 37-948 Six-Sheet Assortment 3M Micro Graded Wet/Dry Polishing Paper


    Each sheet of 3M Micro Graded Wet/Dry Polishing paper assortment is 8-1/2″ x 11″. Each grade is color coded for easy identification and is listed below from finest to coarsest. Micron / Color / Abrasive 1 / white Aluminum Oxide 2 / aqua Aluminum Oxide 3 / pink Aluminum Oxide 9 / light blue Aluminum Oxide 15 / gray Silicon Carbide 30 / green Silicon Carbide

  • 10-Sheet Packs of 3M Micron Graded
    Wet/Dry Polishing Paper


    10-pk SKU – Micron – Color – Abrasive
    37-941 – 1 – white – Aluminum Oxide
    37-942 – 2 – aqua – Aluminum Oxide
    37-943 – 3 – pink – Aluminum Oxide
    37-944 – 9 – lt. blue – Aluminum Oxide
    37-945 – 15 – gray – Silicon Carbide
    37-946 – 30 – green – Silicon Carbide
    Each sheet of 3M Micro Graded Wet/Dry Polishing Paper is 8-1/2″ x 11″. Each grade is color coded for easy identification.

  • 37-959 3M 396 Super Bond Film Tape

    37-959 3M 396 Super Bond Film Tape


    1-in. x 36 yard Super Bond Film Tape 396 for use with 3M polishing papers with super flexible backings. Use tape to make polishing paper bands for Zona Finger Sanders or other sanders.